As Mayor, protecting our environment will continue to be a priority.  Working with the City’s Environmental Committee and Staff, I will push for both the development and passage of a multi-year plan to make Hyattsville a zero net energy and carbon neutral city.  Additionally I am currently working with our PGCPS School Board representative to submit recommendations to the school board’s Climate Change Action Plan Workgroup. In addition to passing environmentally friendly policies,  I believe we must also pursue the construction of modern, environmentally friendly, sustainable, infrastructure and facilities including pushing our County and School Board to adopt this approach as we undertake the construction of new schools within our City.  Our children not only deserve quality education and facilities, but they have the right to receive that education in buildings that respect the environment.

Additionally I worked with CHISPA Maryland, a program launched by the League of Conservation Voters, to request the State of Maryland use the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust to replace our diesel-powered school buses with clean energy and zero-emission buses to lower air pollution and protect our children.

The historic flooding event of September 2020 emphasized the reality of Climate change, and its intensifying impact on metropolitan areas. This 100-year flood event had its epicenter in Hyattsville. It highlighted the urgency for decisive individual and collective action regarding climate change. As a City Council member I voted against the construction of townhomes in a flood plan.

Effective stormwater management must continue to be a priority for our City.  As Mayor I will work with our County, State, and Federal partners to ensure Hyattsville residents are protected from inundations.  This is why I have supported and will continue to support the 9 Ponds plan which creates a 4.5 acre water reserve and open space for recreation on land in Hyattsville and University Park bordering the Prince George’s Community Center and the University Town Center plaza on Adelphi Road.

Decreasing dependence on fossils also means continuing to build a well-connected City for the biking and pedestrian community. I also intend to not only preserve but to expand and beautify our parks and greenspaces. This could be achieved through the creation of pockets gardens and the continued implementation of the recommendations from the City’s trees canopy survey. This means greater investment in trails, bike lanes, and safe pedestrian passages. As a council member I have a track record on the supporting environmental policy, not only through my work to co-introduced and pass the City’s ban on pesticides on City owned properties landcare. But also on supporting our green space, pushing for municipalities to develop climate action plans, securing and expanding biking and pedestrian safety routes.

As President of the Prince George’s County Municipal Association, environmental policy was a lead focus.  For the first time the organization partnered with the CHISPA Maryland and League of Conservation Voters to push for statewide environmental policy.  We worked with the State and County to ensure Municipalities were included in developing the Statewide climate action plan and met directly with the Director of Prince George’s County Department of Environment to request partnership and funding to allow cities and towns to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly policies and projects.

Additionally, as President, I worked with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association to push the Prince George’s County Council to add funding to the County’s capital budget for increased maintenance and security of the trail system.  A measure that was successful and added more lighting and safety devices throughout the trail system. I again partnered with WABA to support the connection of the Trolley Trail to the trail system.


This is a campaign for people who choose not to casually walk in this world, that we as a community are building, but rather seek to roll-up their sleeves and build it better.