Hyattsville’s unique location and easy access by metro and by road makes it a prime market for developers. With Kiplinger, Post and Alterra developments done, Riverfront at West Hyattsville Metro well underway, the completed Phase 1 of the Queen Chapel Rd. reconstruction project, the almost completed Ager Rd. Green Streets Project, and many new small businesses, Hyattsville has already seen tremendous change. Add in the construction of a new Kaiser Permanente Building near the West Hyattsville Metro, the Armory Apartments proposal along the Route 1 Corridor, Landy, Dewey, and Clay to the north by Prince George’s Plaza, the ongoing Phase 2 reconstruction of Queens Chapel Rd, the proposed luxury apartments at the University Towncenter parking lot along East-West Highway, and Urban Investment Partners’ (UIP) proposed $1 Billion investment near West Hyattsville Metro, you will quickly understand that the City is set to keep growing.  

As a result of the last economic recession, several communities of Hyattsville were left behind and struggled to continue as residents of our community. Although economic forecasters are projecting a possible global recession, as a result of COVID-19,  Hyattsville still has the potential to grow through this period.   

As Mayor, given the potential for such growth in our city, I intend to ensure that developments are consistent with the character of each Hyattsville neighborhood, provide job and partnership opportunities for Hyattsville residents and businesses, are respectful of the City’s environmental concerns, and grow the City’s tax base.

As a council member I introduced a rent stabilization package, supported tax abatements to ensure Park View Manor remained affordable, and continue to support the retention of Hamilton Manor as a long term affordable housing option.

My plan for responsible economic development seeks to provide opportunities and protections for all residents and is centered around the following points:

  • Respecting the unique development characteristics and needs of the various neighborhoods within the City of Hyattsville
  • Advocating for Affordable Housing
  • Advocating for LEED certified and net zero energy constructions 
  • Working with Maryland National Capital Park and Planning to update the West Hyattsville Transit District Development Plan
  • Ensuring that the City receives its share of public safety surcharge fees to ensure we have the funding necessary to provide  services to our growing population
  • Incentivizing job opportunities for residents and businesses
  • Ensuring that the County is estimating school construction costs and sizing in relation to Hyattsville’s projected growth


This is a campaign for people who choose not to casually walk in this world, that we as a community are building, but rather seek to roll-up their sleeves and build it better.