The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an eye-opening experience to the importance of building a stronger community. A community where, despite our diversity, we support each other as we grow together. That’s why as Mayor, my priority will be to implement a series of initiatives in support of our families and residents that will constitute a strong backbone in our post-pandemic recovery efforts. I intend to work with our partners to establish low-cost before and aftercare programs as well as provide greater assistance to seniors so that they can live independently while aging in place. I will also advocate that a percentage of employment opportunities associated with any development project within Hyattsville be reserved to residents and businesses. Finally, we know that building a stronger community also requires creating the conditions for stable housing. Thus, I will continue to work with the community, developers, and management companies to address housing affordability for both homeowners and the city’s growing rental community.

Building new schools has been a priority for our community.  As Mayor I will work with the County Council and Prince George’s County Public Schools to ensure that our new middle schools stay on the schedule outlined by the facilities master plan.  Additionally, I will work to ensure that our schools are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and adopt urban design principles.I humbly ask for your vote and please join me in a campaign to  build a better place to live, a better place to work, a better place to play, and a better place to pray.

Solomon For Mayor


This is a campaign for people who choose not to casually walk in this world, that we as a community are building, but rather seek to roll-up their sleeves and build it better.