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Vaccination eligibility is determined by phases outlined by the State of Maryland. For more information on phases and eligibility use the below link.
Phase Information

Millions of people have received the COVID-19 vaccine. I am fortunate to be among those vaccinated. If you are distrusting of the vaccine and seeking reassurance, I can tell you that my experience went well. I received both doses of the Moderna vaccine. The first shot only left my arm sore for a few days, but the second shot was a haymaker. However, the trouble is it IS worth it in the end.  I was down for a day with the standard flu-like symptoms, but back in action and fully recovered the following day. Getting vaccinated helps our City and Country to get back to normal life; growing and thriving once again. For more safety information please read the data provided by the Center for Disease Control.
Vaccine Safety Info

COVID-19 Testing

Free, non-appointment COVID-19 testing is available in the parking lot at the First United Methodist Church in Hyattsville, 6201 Belcrest Road. Hours of operation are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. More information

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