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policing & Body Camera Reform

Police Body Camera Task Force Reviews Proposed Recommendations – Conduit Street
Task Force members walked through a seven-page document of recommendations each member and prior presenters thought prudent to have addressed in relation to use and economic storage of police body ...

Renaming Our City Park

Hyattsville will study renaming Magruder Park
William Pinkney Magruder gave land for the park to the city in 1927 on the condition it be used for “Caucasian inhabitants only.”
Magruder Park Debate Moves Ahead
The park is named for a philanthropist who included in the deed that it should be used by "Caucasian inhabitants only."
Hyattsville city leaders take first step toward renaming Magruder Park
The Hyattsville City Council took a big step forward Monday night in the fight to rename a popular park. City leaders say the change is needed because Magruder Park has racist roots. The 32-acre park ...
Magruder Park Under Scrutiny
The Hyattsville City Council meets to discuss the possible name change of Magruder Park. CTV's Katerra Jones is in Hyattsville with the latest.

Non-Citizens Voting

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