COVID-19 Support for Hyattsville Non-Profits

Motion Status: Accepted into FY22 Budget, Awaiting expenditure authorization vote

I move that Mayor and Council approve and appropriate a transfer of $100K from the unencumbered fund balance to the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) Special Revenue Funds Budget for the purpose of establishing the Hyattsville COVID-19 Non-Profit Reimbursements Fund. The funds will be used to provide reimbursements to non-profit organizations located in the City of Hyattsville who have expended resources on COVID-19 support for Hyattsville residents. Any remaining balance in the original COVID-19 fund #32 will be reallocated in FY22.

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Summary Background:

Several local non-profits have assisted Hyattsville residents during the pandemic. These non-profits have performed functions necessary to stabilize our community in ways the City of Hyattsville could not. Continued support requires public assistance.

Program Details:

–                     Allocations will commence upon Council approval of the program in FY22.

–                     Eligible non-profits will include those federally defined as: Charitable Organizations, Churches and Religious Organizations, and Other Non-profits. Not applicable to Private Foundations or Political Organizations.

–                     Applicants must be physically based in the City of Hyattsville and provide services to Hyattsville residents.

–                     Program will be administered in 90-day cycles through FY22 or until funds have exhausted. The first cycle will cover reimbursements for expenditures during FY21. Remaining cycles will allow reimbursements for FY22 expenditures.

–                     The maximum award per applicant during any given cycle is $5000.00

–                     Reimbursements for political or politically related services are not eligible.

–                     Qualifying Reimbursements: Organizations who have taken on direct requests of the City. Facility or spatial costs, wi-fi, call center costs. In general, mask/sanitizer/soap production, transport services, homeless services, food production or distribution, and education or training for individuals adjusting to stay at home life.

–                     Disqualifying Reimbursements: Expenses already fully reimbursed under other grant programs either offered by the City of Hyattsville or other external entities are not eligible. Organizations will be required to provide written consent documenting whether other grant funds have been provided to assist with expenses and must consent to return any City funding if the City is made aware of any expenses previously covered and reimbursed through the City of Hyattsville.