COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund – Reappropriation for Professional Trades

Motion Status: PASSED

I move that the Mayor and Council authorize the use of the remaining $80K in the Hyattsville COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund Grants for Working Artists to cover costs for both the Working Artists fund and a newly established Professional Trades fund. Professional Trades eligibility will be limited to include barbers, cosmetologists, pet groomers, and tattoo artists licensed by the State of Maryland or Prince George’s County (where required for legal operation) and currently working in a business registered within the corporate limits of the City of Hyattsville. 

I further move that the maximum award for applicants for both Working Artists and Professional Trade funds be limited to $750.00 per award, per three (3) month cycle for Hyattsville residents and $300.00 per award, per three (3) month cycle for non-Hyattsville residents working in the City of Hyattsville. Funding shall be made available in fiscal year 2021 (FY21) from April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021.  

Track Status

Summary Background:
The current definition of artists eligible for the Pandemic Relief fund excludes certain categories of artistry. The Working Artists fund contains 80K, this broader definition and award adjustment would allow approximately 165 awards to licensed workers and small businesses impacted by COVID-19 related shutdowns and loss of foot traffic in Hyattsville business corridors.

Staff will be required to revise the existing application and will specify supplemental materials that will be required to be submitted by applicants, including a copy of applicable licenses and an affidavit from the licensed place of business.

Program Application